COLM Commercial Site Goes Live…

After several months of development, the new COLM Commercial web site is live.  COLM Commercial’s management team worked in close collaboration with The Savy Agency to come up with a  new look that would represent the continued development of COLM Commercial.

“We looked at every aspect of our company and its leadership in the Central Oregon market in commercial real estate. We decided that the best way to tell our story was through a new interactive website that allows for us to tell our story and to update our market in the ever changing Central Oregon real estate.” Greg Jacobs, president

COLM Commercial plans to have timely updated information on subjects like: commercial real estate trends, leasing and sales perspective,  new tenants to our market, seasonal building maintenance issues, and much more.


One Response to COLM Commercial Site Goes Live…

  1. Annette Towery says:

    However I wanted to comment on yours. I like it very very much and easy to navigate.

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