COLM Commercial’s Greg Jacobs Selected to Represent University of Oregon ROTC

LTC Englet from the University of Oregon has selected Captain Gregory D. Jacobs, USA Retired to represent the U of O ROTC program in national advertising campaign.

The US Army Cadet Command is developing a listing of Army ROTC alumni who have a story to tell about how the Army ROTC experience prepared them to succeed in their civilian career field.  This will be part of a national advertising campaign that shows the value of ROTC training and transition/application of those skills to a successful civilian life. Below is the one page Bio submitted to Washington DC. Good Luck Greg and Go ducks.

Captain Gregory D. Jacobs, USA Retired | University of Oregon ROTC Alum, 1993

Leadership, the most important decisions business people make | ROTC and where I am today
Anyone who has served in the US Army as an officer understands expectations — expectations that are required yet don’t always align with your objectives either in the moment or over the long haul. Whether the choices are made for you or by you, how you choose to handle those choices will ultimately determine your success.  In my opinion, ROTC trains some of the highest quality officers the Army has to offer.  ROTC trained me not only to be a top tier officer, but also a leader in business.

I see my success in business intertwined with my commitment to reaching a greater vision, a larger goal. It’s not just one idea, one person, or one team, it’s the commitment and drive of everyone involved, moving up and over obstacles that would have otherwise been impossible. Hard work, sacrifice, and getting the job done right are elements that contribute to a job well done in my civilian career.

From a business, perspective, whether taking the lead, listening to clients, staying the course and solving critical challenges, I believe involvement in ROTC to be one of the most important decisions a business person can make.

Today, my 15-year career has established a track record in both formulating and executing strategy to drive results.  My business acumen has led to the founding of MW Pepper, a boutique consulting company that delivers marketing solutions to clients ranging from start-ups to growth-stage companies, to a position as Marketing Director for MIG America, a global security company specializing in sensitive due diligence and corporate security, Development Sales Director for Bowden Development, the largest real estate developer and sales office in Phoenix City, Alabama and Columbus, Georgia, to the advising of industry leading businesses, such as Talons Group, Earth and Sky Cam, Lemon Halo, Omni Fact, Express Tech, Alpine Entertainment, Sky Tech Production, Ascend Construction, Sunriver Entertainment and Oceanic Security Group.

The same commitment and attitude for success through which I received an officer’s commission, and went on to retire as Captain in the US Army, recognized for my technical competence and crisis management skills, serves me in my current role as Owner/President and Director of Sales and Marketing at COLM Commercial, a commercial real estate brokerage and property management company headquartered in Bend, Oregon where my sales and leasing portfolio is in excess of thirty two million.

I received my formal education from The University of Oregon awarding a Bachelors of Science in B.S. Advertising & Marketing.  I was awarded an ROTC scholarship and completed my three years of Military Science in 1993.

I currently reside in Sunriver, OR with my beautiful wife and two sons, where I enjoy fly-fishing, competitive sports, motorcycles, and marksmanship. I’m also an active member of my community and have been a Deputy with the Deschutes County (OR) Sheriff’s Department for six years.

I find that in life, you can choose to complain, fall behind, or generally fail to perform, or you can choose to make the most out of your endeavors – both personal and professional.  I look back upon my ROTC training and Army experience as the difference between being stuck in the middle and being a leader. Attitude is everything.  Go Ducks.

Gregory D Jacobs
President, COLM Commercial


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