COLM Commercial offers the best-in-class commercial asset management in the Pacific Northwest. Our success is based on a simple premise: maintaining a clear focus on our client’s investment.


As a property owner, you have unique needs. We take pride in finding and implementing creative solutions that meet those needs to help you preserve and grow wealth. Our professional asset management strategies set in place the framework for increasing property value and cash flow, and maximizing your investment value and future sales price.

At COLM, we sit down together and consult with our clients, analyze situations and resolve issues –


Many members of the COLM Commercial team have been together for years. We’re committed to a strategic yet relationship-centered approach to our business.

Each COLM asset has a specific team dedicated solely to the management of that property.


From institutional investors to the individual making their initial real estate investment, COLM Commercial is there with you. Since many investment opportunities tend to evolve directly from the day-to-day sales and leasing of commercial properties, COLM Commercial’s brokers are ideally positioned to seek out and recommend potential investment properties that would best benefit each client’s portfolio. Our relationships are built on trust sustained on client satisfaction and returns.


We address investment requirements with a process that begins with a careful evaluation of each client’s unique investment position and a firm understanding of both the fiscal elements and the fine points of each transaction.

We then provide an in-depth analysis of available properties. In today’s changing market we aren’t able to rely solely on a CAP rate to see the overall health and future value of a property. As we move through the acquisition cycle, we step beyond a simple financial review and document how our internal leasing and property management can add value to the asset over time.

Whether the sale is simple or complex, it requires tremendous coordination to ensure a smooth transition of ownership. Sensitivity to the impact on tenants can make a huge difference in lease retention programs, directly affecting a new owner’s bottom line and a project’s image in the marketplace.


On the disposition side, we work closely with the broader brokerage community to quickly bring our clients a viable list of qualified and motivated buyers. Our years of experience and success in the markets we serve form a foundation of industry relationships to ensure that our clients retain competitive advantage over the long haul.


Developers and building owners can no longer afford to wait until prospective tenants come their way. An in depth knowledge of the market combined with aggressive marketing are requisites for a successful leasing program in today’s market.

COLM Commercial believes that quality tenants directly affects your property’s potential return on your investment. Whether you need to start from scratch or enhance an existing program, we analyze your needs and create a marketing strategy around them.


If your business needs space, we have access to the space you’re looking for, the features you want and the rent you want to pay. The COLM process takes into account the fact that businesses change. Your needs today aren’t what they were yesterday, and most likely will evolve by tomorrow – another reason why flexibility is at the top of our value system.

Our office team handles sales and marketing, investment and leasing of office space across the board – for local, regional and national clients, in every class of property. Our strength is our experience and determination. Using distinctive talents and expertise, we have proven that we have the capability to provide exceptional service.


Information and experience form the essence of successful industrial real estate leasing. At COLM Commercial, these are assets we cultivate as a part of our daily routine. We handle all elements of the industrial market from incubator warehouse and flex product to multi-tenant, big box, distribution and manufacturing. Across this broad spectrum, we’re also equipped to handle all types of transactions, from land transactions, cartelization to leasing, build-to-suits, development and investment sales. We know the process from beginning to end, in all its variations.


The most important part of answering a question, or fulfilling a real estate requirement, is
making sure you truly understand what’s being asked. COLM Commercial Real Estate is a company that has taken more than 20 years of knowledge and experience in retail leasing and sales and built that into a powerful synergy of understanding and action. Retail sales and leasing is a multi-layered, multi-faceted discipline. It encompasses everything from a freeway travel stop to a sprawling suburban mall; from a local grocery store to an upscale restaurant.


Every property is unique, but they share one common thread: Results. COLM sits down and hears where you’re at, what your needs are now, and what they’ll be in the long haul.

We put our cards on the table with yours — and help you play your best game.

COLM tenant + buyer representation services include immediate and long term planning, market analysis and site selection, project management, lease negotiation and purchase services.


The creation and implementation of a leasing and marketing program is critical to the success of a new project. Each of these has its own value and its place. At COLM Commercial, we don’t take a cookie cutter approach. We thoroughly evaluate each situation and make sure that we understand our clients’ vision. Then, we strive to exceed their expectations.

We get started with a complete analysis of your building. leases, tenant mix and financial situation. Once complete, our Certified Property Manager will present you with an organized plan and budget as well as explain the implications of all available options.

COLM can help you through site selection, targeted sale-lease marketing and consulting to develop and market your commercial Central Oregon real estate. Through a complete analysis of your building. leases, tenant mix and financial situation and an intelligent approach to marketing, we have an impressive record of transactions requiring diligence, skill and an ability to hear the need, find the solution and close the deal.

If you’re looking for assistance with starting your business or taking over an existing business, COLM has partnered with the largest franchise brokerage company in the US, FranNet, to provide in-house franchise consulting.


COLM Commercial has been property management and leasing experts in Central Oregon for decades. We work intelligently to find the best management solution for each asset and deliver on our promise of doing “More” to maximize the potential of your investment. COLM’s Receivership services include:


COLM works closely with your REO division to establish demographics and current market trends to provide you with the most accurate value for your commercial property. We also evaluate the tenant mix and review each lease on your behalf.


The brokerage team at COLM is uniquely positioned to help lenders liquidate their properties. We’ll work to find tenants to offset your costs until the point of sale, and our goal is the same as yours –
To get REO properties off your books.


We secure competitive bids for service contracts, such as landscaping, snow removal, and repairs to top quality, licensed contractors. By making sure your property is always in premium condition, we maximize its appeal to potential tenants and buyers.

Our staff is available 24/7 to ensure your property is taken care of at all times. In addition, we have an on‐staff day porter available to conduct property inspections and provide general clean‐up, and immediate response to emergency situations.


COLM is committed to a client‐focused, value‐driven approach. We will find cost‐cutting and energy saving features to diminish monthly maintenance expenses, while working to promote your property to tenants and buyers to maximize lender return.

With over twenty‐five years of experience in this market, this new division is a
natural extension of our company’s core competency.

COLM has been hired on many occasions to manage, lease, and sell REO properties, and we have exceeded expectations in each scenario. Engaging COLM Commercial to manage bank‐owned assets can be a seamless benefit to all parties involved.